Students’ Tax Information

Students’ Tax Information

Tax Items You Need to Know

  1. Collect all T4s from all your jobs to ensure you get the correct refund!
  2. As Students, there are Deductions and Tax Credits that you may claim including:

Tuition Fees – Make sure you get the T2202A from your College, University or other Post Secondary Educational Institution.

Education Amount for both Full Time and Part Time students

Textbook amount is based on the number of months that you are at school

Interest on the amount of your Student loan that you paid

If you use Public Transit, you may claim a credit on some of your costs, such as monthly passes etc.

Eligible Moving Expenses

GST/HST credits; and

Child Care Expenses

3. Notify CRA about any Change of Addresses

4. If you need help filing your return, Ron’s Tax Prep is able to assist in preparing your return or to do it for you at an affordable cost!

CRA is always available to aid you too.




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